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I make merchandise for brands using thrifted clothing! Here’s how:


3 step process:



1) Thrifting: I'll go far and wide for the perfect second hand garments


2) Altering and Re-branding: Offerings include bleaching, painting, dyeing, and/or stamping

3) Merchandising: I am happy to help merchandise your new products in several ways from pricing, photographing, and advertising. This can include instagram story sales, finding and photographing models in the items, getting accurate measurements, creating reels that you can use on your own social media platforms, tagging items and creating a display in your retail space.

Event Stamp Table:



Are you totally obsessed with the idea of having a thrifted line of merchandise available for your customers?! Do you wish that there was even more fun you could have with this idea?! 

You’re in luck - invite me to one of your events and I will print merch for you and your customers live and in person. Using custom stamps with your logo and other imagery important to your brand, I will stamp thrifted clothing for your customers on the spot.


Better yet, we can invite attendees to bring their own items of clothing that they want to give new life to and those otherwise discarded items will become advertisements for your business! 

This is a fun activity for any event, ranging from staff parties to launch parties to craft fairs. Reach out for references, photos from past events, and more information





The best way to get a quote is to fill out my contact form!

Pricing will include custom stamps, my hourly rate, and materials

Discounts for BIPOC and trans business owners, reach out!

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